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Important News
After 19 years and 16 fabulous flavors, Kapow is switching from fragrance oils which are manmade with chemicals in a laboratory allowing a huge assortment of delicious smells to essential oils which are God's aroma therapy derived from fruits, flowers, nuts, herbs, roots, etc.

The reason I am switching is due to recent information made available by safe  DEP or diethyl phthalate is used by many industries to make plastics bend.  The medical industry uses it for life saving equipment like tubing.  The food industry for plastic wraps and bags which allows DEP to absorb into our food.  The cosmetic industry to give shelf life to fragrances.  DEP is now a suspected hormone disruptor linked to decreased sperm count in men and decreased testosterone levels in male fetuses.  WOW!  Although soaps using fragrance with DEP are probably harmless because one lathers and rinses which doesn't allow time for absorption into skin unlike lotions and perfumes, ethical conscience will not allow me to continue using fragrances containing DEP.  I have decided to go one step further and switch to essential oils.  Over exposure to manmade fragrance is linked to increases in asthma and allergies.

My soap base has not changed so Kapow is still the long lasting, creamy sudsy bar you love.  I really hope you will enjoy some of the new flavors.  I will continue to experiment and welcome suggestions.  Kapow has increased its price by 50 cents a bar.  This is the first price increased in 19 years and merely reflects the added cost of essential oils.  For instance, Lavender essential oil for 60 bars costs around $30.  This is because I must use twice as much essential oil as fragrance oil and because essential oils are very costly.

Please send any comments or suggestions please contact me via the "Contact Us" form.
Thanks and happy sudsing,

Frankie Laura Weiss

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